About Us

BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES is among the leading financial institutions in Egypt, offering a broad range of financial services for both retail and institutional investors. The company was established in 1997 and acquired by Misr Romania Bank in 2000. In 2006 BLOM BANK acquired BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES and increased its capital to 30 million EGP, 50 million EGP in 2014, and 100 million in 2018.

BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES aims to deliver its best services by providing all the best working environment for its staff, thus empowering its clients to reach their investment goals.

BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES strives to promote a win-win relationship with clients and business partners, building relationships around high degrees of mutual benefit and trust.

Our Services:

  • Trading on all securities listed on EGX: BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES enables its client to trade on all securities listed on EGX, and at the least brokerage commission rates, a rate that won’t be a burden on any portfolio, whatever its size and with no portfolio minimum limit.
  • International Desk: Blom Egypt Securities established the International Desk since the beginning of 2012 that includes a selection of qualified personnel longing to attract more foreign capital and Arab investment in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, as well as complete system of financial services integrated to customers domestically and abroad.
  • Intra-day trading (T+0): The company provides the privilege of executing intraday trading for high turnover motivated clients, allowing them to benefit from Intraday Trading opportunities.
  • (T+1) Trading: The company provides the privilege of executing (T+1) trading for high turnover motivated clients, allowing them to benefit from (T+1) trading opportunities.
  • Margin Trading: The Company provides its clients to maximize their profit through leveraging their trades according to the margin finance trading system with various margin calls.
  • Online Trading: BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES online Trading allows clients to conduct trades and control their investment portfolios in real-time, offering immediate and secure access to their equity and up to date market information and financial news.
  • GDR Execution: BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES allows clients to Trade on the Egyptian listed Companies in London Stocks Exchange.
  • OTC Ownership Transfer: Execute property ownership transfer transactions for the non-listed companies of the EGX.
  • Technical Analysis: The Company provides its clients with a daily overview of the expected Market performance according to the basis of the technical analysis science that is performed by highly experienced technicians.
  • Work Station: BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES provides its clients with a workstation that:
    - Provides real-time display of stock prices as well as buy/purchase orders and executions.
    - Displays the latest and most important news.
    - Real-time trades enabling clients to act immediately on investment decisions.